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Fetish Fair Fleamarket™

Fetish Fair Fleamarket™
Westin Hotel
Providence, RI

Only 17 more days left before Fetish Fair Fleamarket #36!

There are still rooms left at the Westin Providence that need to be booked! NELA knows that the Westin is not the cheapest option but as the Host Hotel, the Westin has put their reputation on the line for OUR community.

NELA has tried to keep the attendance cost as low as possible to allow you to be able to stay at the hotel.  So why not share a room with current or new friends and make your FFF experience more affordable.   Consider it a Valentine's Day gift to yourself, your friends, and your community.

Every room of the hotel needs to be booked and paid for.  We all know how wonderful a full-immersion conference experience can be: where you can be yourself, dress how you'd like and be playful with all your kink friends. That’s only possible when we take over the whole hotel.  To continue to make future NELA events possible

Please book now! Call (888) 778-6334 or book online at (https://www.mmxreservations.com/NELA/reservations)

If you have problems booking, please contact NELA right away at fffvendorcoord AT gmail dot com.

If you have made your reservation and your credit card has not been charged please check with the hotel as several credit cards were rejected when the hotel attempted to make a charge and those reservations have been discarded.

§         A few of our CONFIRMED PRESENTERS (Bios):
Mollena, Scott Smith, Dov, Luna, Rob Rubel, Murphy Blue, The Lauren, Lqqkout, Greydancer, Lady Ru'etha, Jay Wiseman, Dark Teddy Bear, Rigger Jay, Jawn's Doll, Silverdreams, Renee, Rope Boi, Trialsinner, and many more

§         NIGHT TIME EVENTS include not only classes beginning on Friday night but the ever popular New Designers’ Fashion Show  ($10) on Friday night and The Network/La Red’s Masquerade ($25) on Saturday night.  In addition there is “NELA Night with the Providence Bruins”  ($14) for you diehard hockey fans out there’ the premiere of Slut (R)evolution (free), Cameryn Moore’s latest production; and a Winter Leathermen's Gathering (free) at the Eagle just to name a few.  Admission to these events can be purchased directly from the NELA website:  http://neleatheralliance.org/cmsms/index.php?page=home

§         Vendor's row (3rd, 4th, and 5th floors) will be accessible beginning on Friday night for your shopping pleasure.  Vendors open at their discretion.

V O L U N T E E R S:  To volunteer, please check out http://tinyurl.com/FFF36Volunteers and then contact our volunteer coordinator at nela.volsched AT gmail.com.  Available shifts include Load-in and Load-out worth double credit toward rewards.

Fetish Fair Fleamarket™ #36 is a production of NELA, the New England Leather Alliance. NELA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safe space in the world for leather/fetish/BDSM people through advocacy, education, and charitable giving.

We look forward to seeing you at the Flea.
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