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Hello all,I am new

My name is Christina and im from stamford CT.I identify myself as an asexual with some lesbian tendancies but im engaged to a paraplegic man(hes in a wheel chair and has no sensation from the waist down)so we are in an asexual relationship and i couldnt be happier.its ok he's not female.basicaly,my gender identification is androgynous as i feel neither male nor female so im a unique case i guess,but i thought i might fit in here and meet some similar people.

anyone else from the stamford or fairfield county area?Im looking for freinds and events that are going on in my part of town.ive been sick for the last few years so the internet is helping me get my life back in place by talking to people and going to places.i had very bad epileptic seizures that prevented me from going out much plus i am anorexic-so yes i have my problems but im trying to move on and rebuild a life.

just trying to reach out and say hello to everyone!
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